In Waterfall model Development of software is carried out Sequentially.  Waterfall Model consists of the following phases.

SDLC -Waterfall model

  Requirement Collection 

To Understand better we take an example, Suppose we are running a Bank & we want a banking software where we require online banking software. When this news goes on air >> many IT Companies got to that, And they start chasing us for the Project. And an XYZ Company got the project. The very first step of that company will be Requirement Collection. Now that company will send a BA(Business Analyst 👤) or PA (Product Analyst 👤) as per the company. BA gathers all the information that what features are going to be Developed. 

Feasibility Study

Once all the required information is collected from the customer, to know that the gathered information is practically possible or not is called a Feasibility study. This is also called as Requirement Analyst. BA call every Head of the department of the company, Project manager, Finance Manager, HR Manager, Technical Architect. Now they all do feasibility Study from their point of view. If all the Head's give positive Response for the project From their point of view only then project will be accepted. This is called as Feasibility Study.


The Main purpose of Designing is to make developers understand What kind of Software Needs to be developed with the help of technical architect and senior developers.  They come up with the Best Design. There are two levels of Designing HLD & LLD. purpose of High-level designing is to make understand the project flow only but not project logic. To know the project logic Companies come up Low-level design called an algorithm.  


When the design is ready, looking at the Design the developers starts Coding. Here the coding starts.   when the code is written it should be checked also. 


Testing is done by Test Engineers. Now testers will test the software whether there is any problem, is the code running properly or not. They check it by many ways to ensure that the software is OK or not. and if they find the defect in the code they report back to the developers to resolve it. Till the software is clean from any kind or bug testers send back to resolve it to the developer.  


When all is done, Software is ready to go through the installation process. This done by again testers or Senior Developers.  Here company works for every kind of Hardware installation Interfaces are done to release it for any version available.


Now when software is Released ... it may Stop Working someday, for that purpose some Testers and Developers are assigned. Maintenance Team resolves the issue Encountered by the customers. And for Enhancement of Software. Maintenance should be good of any productive industry. If maintenance support is not good enough then the Company will lose their Reputation in the Industry.
This is called as WaterFall Model.


  • Very easy to implement.
  • Waterfall models are most suitable for those projects where Requirement changes are Negligible.


  • Testing does not start at an early stage and hence there is an easy downward flow of defect.
  • Requirement Changes Can not be handled easily.

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