SDLC - Software Development life cycle

Software Development Life Cycle

The procedure to develop a software ideally is known as the SDLC Process i.e Software Development Life Cycle. 
SDLC Phases

It is a Step-by-step Process used to develop software. When software is developed, it undergoes many steps. Thus testing and development go from several models and types of testing. How do these models work? which model is currently used? such and Every question with their answers are explained down below.

To understand the best we take an example - consider we want to construct a ­čĆáhouse. The procedure is, we will first go to an architect and tell him the requirements. Then the architect will come up with some excellent designs. When the Design is ready the architect confirms that design with the customer. After getting approval from the customer architect now gives the Design to the contractor. Now based on this Design Contractor starts building the Apartment. And one by one step now from contractor to electrician >> Carpenter >> Plumber >>  Costumer. 

Here we have Seen that to develop anything we need to go step-by-step. And the procedure to develop a software ideally is known as the SDLC process. 

What are the Different Models of SDLC?

➤ Waterfall model
➤ V Model
➤ Spiral Model
➤ Prototype Model
➤ Derived Model
➤ Hybrid Model

What is the Waterfall model? What is the V model, What is the Spiral model? What is the Prototype model? What is Derived Model? What is the Hybrid Model? What are the Advantages and Dis-Advantages? Interview Question on the SDLC Process. Click on above sun topics and learn more.

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