V model

Earlier Requirement way never tested in the Waterfall model and spiral model at the stage of Gathering Requirement. Testing is done after coding only. But this doesn't happen in the V model. Basically, it's a process where every step is tested parallelly with development.
Let's understand what exactly happens. 
v-model ,SdLC process
V - Model
Definition: In V Model Development of the Software is carried out Parallelly.

Working: When Developers get CRC (Costumer Requirement Specification) which nothing a requirement document. Now Testers Will get a Copy of Requirement for reference. Now Testers will parallelly Review the Requirement whether there are any Conflicts. Secondly, testers will test if the requirement is complete for example, Date with the incomplete requirement of Format . while testers are busily Reviewing the CRC, Developers Started converting the CRS Document into Technical Information i.e into SRS (Software Requirement Specification). The developer is always one step ahead from Tester.  When Every Defect Caught by Testers have to Communicate with Developers. when developers got the defect he has to make necessary changes in CRS and SRS And ideally Fixes the issue. At the next step, SRS is tested Against CRS to Find whether full Conversion is done or not. If not done again Communicate the Defect with Developers. At one side where Testers are busy testing, Developers are Busy converting SRS into HLD (High-level Design). Testers are Parallelly Testing if found any defects they communicate back to developers.  Now from HLD Developers start converting into LLD (Low-Level Design). Once LLD is ready it is given to Tester, Testers will Review full conversion is done or not against HLD.  When Developers Complete Converting LLD into Coding, it then starts with Unit Testing/White Box Testing ↠ Functional Testing ↠ Integration Testing ↠ System Testing ↠ Acceptance Testing

Advantages of V-Model :

  • Requirement changes can be handled easily.
  • Every level is tested and hence there can not be a downwards flow of defect and hence it gives us the assurance that we will get quality software.
  • Proper utilization of resources.

Disadvantage of V-Model :

  • Learning time is more as the process is complicated
  • Experience is Require to work in this process.

Interview Questions :

Q- How the requirement change is handled in the model?
Ans-  In V Model Development of the Software is carried out Parallelly. And hence It is easy to Handle the change in Requirements.

Q- What kind of Projects v model is best suitable?
Ans - V model is best suitable for long term Projects.