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Black Box Testing:

Black Box Testing is Again Classified into Functional Testing and Integration Testing.

Functional Testing -

Testing the Functionality of each and every component thoroughly or vigorously in an application is called Functional Testing Against Requirement. eg- Date, user name, password, amount, link fields etc.

Integration Testing -
Testing the Data Flow Between the Two Features or Two Modules is called Integration Testing. Now, what does that actually means, it means that for example if a tester is asked to test an integration testing on a banking application.  Testers attempt to transfer amount when the transfer is done the amount should reflect in the transferred account and in Balance feature. That means the two modules or two features are integrated well. 
Types - Incremental Integration Testing & Non- Incremental Integration Testing or Big Bang Method Of Testing.
Incremental Integration Testing: Here we incrementally add the Modules and then Test the Data Flow Between them.

1. Top-Down Approach - Here we incrementally add the module such that added module is the child of the previous module and then we test the data flow from the parent module to the child module. eg- 
2. Bottom-Up Approach - Testing the Data flow from Child Module to Parent Module is called a Bottom-Up Approach. eg-

3. Sandwich Approach
Sandwich approach = Top-Down Approach + Bottom Up approach.
Non- Incremental Integration Testing: Here we Randomly pick two Features and Test the Data flow between them. 

- Incremental Integration testing is time-consuming but then Organized. Non - Incremental integration testing is faster but then not Organized.

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