MANUAL TESTING | Types of Testing : Smoke Testing

Smoke testing is also called Sanity Testing or Dry Run or Skim Testing or Initial build verification. 
The process begins with coding → White Box Testing/Unit Testing → Black Box Testing → Smoke Testing → Functional TestingIntegration Testing → System Testing  Acceptance Testing  Production Server.
Smoke Testing, Sanity Testing, Skim Testing ,Dry testing, Initial Build Verification

What is Smoke Testing?

⇒ Taking analogy I will explain to you, assume that somehow your Tv Remote is not working. Now, what will you do? Will you start with opening the remote and checking the components inside it? Or will you start with a basic check? Obviously Basic check !!!

That's because if the battery is down why to open and check in-depth! There is no point of Testing in-depth where the battery is dead. when we do valid testing then it is called High-level Testing And when we do invalid testing then it is called In-depth Testing.
In smoke Testing ideally, I am going ahead and performing a high-level check before doing In-depth Testing to Find Out is the application Testable. If basic Test fails there is no point of doing in-depth Testing. Because if the basic test fails In-depth testing will also fails. 
Definition: Testing the Basic Features or Critical Features in an application before doing In-Depth testing in a high-level Manner is called Smoke Testing.
Example -
login page
In the above login page we will enter a valid username and valid password, if we are able to log in that it means smoke test is passed or failed 

Note - In smoke testing, we give only valid data and perform testing  I.e we perform only Postive testing 
Smoke testing Helps us to Find out is the application capable enough to handle in-depth testing. It helps us to find out is the application testable. 

Interview Question :

1. A soon as you the build(What is Build? - Build is a part of Application Given to the Tester for testing.) what will you do now?

⇒ As soon as we get the build we will start with smoke Testing.   

2. Do Smoke Test on Fb Application?
⇒ I'll Start with the login page Entering only the valid Username and valid Password. If able to log in the smoke test is Passed otherwise failed.

3. What is the difference between Smoke testing and Sanity Testing?

⇒ Both smoke and sanity testing are very much similar except few Differences.

Both Smoke and Sanity are done in the beginning as soon we get the Build.
In Smoke Testing Both newly added feature and old Features are tested in a high-level manner. Smoke Testing is Scripted.
In sanity testing only newly added feature in a high-level manner. Sanity Testing is not Scripted.

MANUAL TESTING | Types of Testing: Smoke Testing
MANUAL TESTING | Types of Testing: Smoke Testing

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