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System Testing is also called as End to End Testing.

Definition: End to End testing wherein Testing Environment is similar to Production Environment.

Example 1 - If I compose an email From User ''A'', and save that in the draft, from the draft I will send an email and I will check that in sent items!  Then after that, I will check the inbox of User "B" and I will delete that email and check that in the trash of user "B''.
If I check all the features are working or not then this is called as End to End  Testing. 

Example 2 - If I compose an email as User ''A'', and by logging in I spammed that in user "B". And log out. Again logging in User "A" I'll send an email to user "B", and now Email will ideally go to the Spam Box and not to the inbox. Now I'll check that in spam feature of "B" and Delete and should show that email in the trash now!  

That means Testing From End to End is done, and this is called System testing or End to End Testing. 

System Testing means are testing more than two Features in an application or almost all the features that how they work.

Some Related/Interview Questions :

What is a Test Environment?
Ans:- Test Environments are used by the testers where dummy transactions are carried out to check the quality of the software.

What is a Production Environment?
Ans:- These are the servers used by the Costumers to carry out Real business Transactions. 




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MANUAL TESTING | Types of Testing: System Testing
MANUAL TESTING | Types of Testing: System Testing