MANUAL TESTING | Types of Testing: Exploratory Testing

Exploratory Testing

  • Whenever there is no requirement document or there is no time to Read the Requirement or requirement document is missing, Then we explore the application, understand the application, come up with scenarios and then test the application based on those scenarios. 


  • It is the Simultaneous process of learning and testing the application whenever there is no requirement document or there is no time to read the requirement or requirement document is missing.

  • Performing exploratory testing should be organized. 

for example - if Someone drops you at the forest. 

Now, what? There are no ways except Exploring Your way out! But, If you don't know the Place Don't will you get confused. Would I go to Right Direction or Left, Would I go back or follow the path ????  

That means when We get confused when we get options! Right!! And this way No one can Explore the ways Right!
Similarly, when we get a Full application to test, we get confused that "From where to start ?".
when you are put in Time frame, Your focus is high. that you have to do!

So here managers want the exploratory testing to be done. He gives us the particular Feature to be tested in some time frame.
And this is called as proving Exploration in a systemic manner. 
And this is how the Exploratory Testing is Organized and should be Organized.

  • To perform Exploratory Testing, in an organized manner we will take to perform exploratory testing in an organized manner one feature at a time and then we will Time Box the exploration Activity. 

MANUAL TESTING | Types of Testing: Exploratory Testing
MANUAL TESTING | Types of Testing: Exploratory Testing

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