Test cases And Scenarios

Whenever you are testing some Software, there should be some organized approach. Otherwise, there will be no uniformity in testing. And to maintain the uniformity test cases are built.

One can test software in any possible way. identifying the way software is tested is called Scenarios.

This is an overview of The topic, Definition is given Below.

Test cases- It consists of Detailed Steps, what needs to be followed in order to perform to testing.

Scenarios- It is a high-level description of what needs to be tested.
Example- compose an Email.
Delete an Email from Inbox
Save the Email in Draft.
Now, every scenario is converted into test cases.
note: For a particular scenario we can right Several Test cases.

➤Where to write a test case templet?
Test cases are Written in excel word document.

➤How the Test cases look?

Test cases

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