interview Questions


This book is further the next step to my earlier books: A Manual Testing Guide for Beginners & Software Testing: Selenium for Beginners. I have tried to write possible interview questions & answers for candidates who are preparing to make a career in Manual Testing.

The landscape of the functional testing interview has changed drastically over the last few years. From the center theme of testing concepts, the theme has changed to scenario based and behavioral questions now. Knowledge of Agile methodology and ALM is essential for functional test analyst jobs. 

This book will help you to effectively handle interview questions and use the multidimensional approach to reveal your experience and knowledge during the short interview pattern followed nowadays.

This book will prepare you for scenario-based, testing concepts, Agile testing, ALM and behavioral questions. Many tips have been included by the author to handle each question in an effective manner using examples from his past experiences in testing domain. 

This book is written specifically for the students/job seekers who want to seek an entry in IT software testing field and professionals who want to increase their knowledge in functional and Agile Testing and to progress in software testing field.


This book will prepare you to effectively handle interview questions and use a multidimensional approach to reveal your experience and knowledge in an interview situation. 

This book covers defect management, risk-based testing, test metrics, people skills, test work products, testing concepts and Agile testing questions which are all a must for Test Lead and Senior Test Analyst roles.

This book gives techniques, tips, and examples from the author and vast personal experience on how to handle any testing domain question in an effective manner. Behavioral questions are also included to skillfully approach critical HR questions. Written specifically for test professionals who want to be better prepared for interviews. This guide will enhance your knowledge in sequential and Agile Testing to further progress in your software testing career.